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Female young coach project


In June 2018, the CBI was able to secure £9,547 for a female only young coach programme. The funding was achieved through Sport England Small Grants and delivered in partnership with The Peavehaven School, Seaford School, Hailsham Community College and Seahaven Academy, The Manor Road Gym CIC, the Force basketball club and the UK Basketball Academy.

This project represents a great opportunity to establish new regular female basketball clubs in key areas and considerably develop female basketball participation acros East Sussex.

Project Description:

The Community Basketball Initiative has identified a need for female basketball in recognised areas of deprivation in East Sussex. We have gathered numerous expressions of interest for female basketball opportunities. However, a notorious lack of available female coaches (only 1 female active coach in the whole of East Sussex) means there is a need to develop coaches. This project involves working with schools and local clubs to provide a coach development programme that will also include, playing opportunities and strong exit-routes.

How will the project happen?

The programme unfold in 4 phases:

1) Preparation: The CBI will book a weekly session for 25 weeks throughout the academic year in 5 locations: 1) Manor Road Gym, 2) Peacehaven Leisure Centre, 3) Downs Leisure Centre, 4) Hailsham Community College, 5) Seahaven Academy.

We will work in partnership with the local schools in each venue to identify 2 suitable "young coach" candidates (aged 17-20) within each school as well as book the after-school club programme for girls. An experienced qualified "tutor - coach" will supervise the session and provide ongoing feedback to the young coach candidates. A specific coach programme will be prepared which will include the key leadership skills to be demonstrated throughout. The benefits of this programme will include a paid Level 1 and a Level 2 coaching qualification as well as 25 weeks of coaching experience. During the preparation phase, we will create and print flyers for each venue to help promoting the programme as well as add the information on the CBI website.Schools will help promoting in the school and encouraging young girl participants to take part in the weekly sessions.

2) Delivery: During the 25 x week coaching experience, the 10 x young "apprentices" will learn how to deliver basketball coaching to a group of 10-20 young girls aged 11-16 with the help of an experienced and and qualified tutor coach. "Young coaches" will be required to take part in all 25 x sessions unless excused by a medical note. They will follow a specific programme on how to create engaging sessions for young girls as well as teaching the fundamentals of the game to a group of beginners. Sessions will go on once a week at the 5 central venues chosen for this project. We will provide friendly games between each venue to ad on the excitement of the programme.

3) Coach Qualification: Towards week 15-20, Young coach candidates will undertake an official Basketball England level 1 Coaching Award. This course will be complementary of their 25 x week coaching commitment. They will also be required to complete a Level 2 coaching course after completion of the programme. Any candidates under the age of 18 will wait until the day of their 18th birthday to receive their Level 2 qualification.

4) Exit Routes: At this point, candidates will have completed the programme successfully and will be assigned a job as qualified coaches within the local club (Force basketball). They will be encouraged to ensure the group they have been coaching for 25 weeks develops and increases its number of participants throughout the academic year, therefore ensuring they can continue their involvement after completion of the funded phase and get paid for their efforts.

Project Dates:

September 2018 - June 2019


Miguel Tello

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