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Charity Work - Free Basketballs for Sierra Leone

The community Basketball Initiative is commited to help where possible. So when a Brighton coach and basketball legend (Marcus Fagon) asked for help to send free basketballs to his new team in Sierra Leone, there was no way to turn this opportunity to help down!


In fact, since basketball as a mean to improve people´s lifes is our moto, we decided to volunteer in programme like "Free Basketballs for Sierra Leone" at least once a year! 


So get in touch, share your ideas if you want to be part of a great initiative!


Read the report of the Kenema Ballers innitiative in Sierra Leone here.  

Grass Roots Basketball in SUSSEX


As part of our passion for basketball we provide free coaching sessions.


In 2015, we are committed to provide a value of at least £500+ in free coaching, refereeing or foundraising to community causes in the South East or anywhere around the globe! 


Below are some pictures of school events, free basketball sessions and other programmes organised to give back to the community while teaching promoting we love most: BASKETBALL! 
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