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Voluntary roles and paid coaching opportunities

Apply for a 100% bursary

A full bursary (100% refund of the cost of L1 and L2 coaching courses) can be accessed by registering to our volunteer EOI or our paid coach opportunity EOI (Expressions of Interest below). By allocating candidates to coach positions directly, this programme will promote engagement of candidates and offer valuable coaching experience adapted to candidates profiles. Please note, this bursary is exclusive to sessions provided by our partner clubs. 

Voluntary Roles

For 14-25 year olds based in Brighton and East Sussex looking to obtain valuable work experience and access our full bursary of the level 1 and level 2 coaching qualifications (full refund worth £115 and £325 respectively). The role involves working alongside our coaches to practice coaching skills with a view to take on basketball coaching roles in after school settings, events and club level competition. This opportunity can serve as a placement to become eligible for paid coaching opportunities.
Paid coaching
Ideal to complement your salary or to get involved full timeOpportunities include coaching at after school clubs (primary and secondary), events and/or club level competition coaching. If you are reliable, have a flexible schedule and love working with young people, this opportunity could be ideal for you.
Requirements: 18+ Level 2 qualified individuals with up to date DBS, first aid and safeguarding certificate*
  • After School Club Coach - £3.150-£5.250 per annum 
  • Full time Community Coach - £16.500-£21.000 per annum
*Join our subsidised courses to get qualified.

Our Commitment to you
We are committed to developing basketball in our communities, especially in underrepresented areas or groups. As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are non profit and care about equality and safeguarding and the quality of our services to the community. Our coaches are self employed, reliable, experienced qualified professionals with DBS checks with 1st aid and safeguarding certificates. New volunteers and coach candidates will be required to uphold taught through highly experienced and capable mentors. With new opportunities coming up every new term, you could start your journey with us in just a few weeks, including paid and regular opportunities.

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