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Last updated in March 2018 - This page will be updated soon.

The Community Basketball Initiative works in partnership with dozens of groups to deliver activities, events and basketball projects across Sussex and the South East. Since 2014, the number of young individuals that have learned basketball, taken part in our projects and improved their quality of life as a result has increased exponentially. In September 2018 our accumulated statistics show that the number of individuals that have been involved in our completed funded projects was 2780 out of which just over 2000 are below the age of 18 and 672 are female. The CBI is extremely proud of their work with the most underrepresented demographic in Sussex and the South East as well as the amazing support provided by, literally, dozens of partners that we work with on a regular basis.

We have an impeccable track record of delivery with 100% of our projects delivered to a successful or satisfactory completion. In many cases exceeding the targets and going the extra mile to ensure we make a positive difference in the lives of our participants. We always look forward to improve the quality of our projects, expand our coaches database by working in partnership and doing what we do best: Encourage people to play Basketball!


We are particularly proud of the projects that have led to new groups and clubs and that are sustainable. The most notorious projects include the Force basketball club, the East Brighton CBI and The Summer Madness with independent club status, constitution and committee members.

Below is a list of projects delivered by the CBI since its creation in March 2014. 

Basketball Innovation Programme

The Community Basketball Innovation Project was funded by the Sportivate "innovation fund". The project's target was to deliver 13 basketball programmes across Sussex and engage over 520 new participants in the sport. This funding was secured to target by completion in March 31st 2015.  The success of this project led to further funding granted to the CBI to deliver the This Girl Can Young coach innovation project between 2015-2018.

Active Sussex 2015 Sportivate project of the year finalist: Community Basketball Innovation project

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Basketball Roots Programme

This programme was designed to offer FREE basketball activities to young people in the poorest areas of Sussex. In partnership with the Eastbourne Lions, South East Tigers and the Rother council. reached 400 young people aged 14+ and offered playing opportunities as well as regular exit route sessions in the local clubs.







For more information about the Basketball Roots programme contact

This Girl Can Basketball

This programme is one of the largest girl only basketball programmes in the country and is designed to offer get into basketball Style sessions to 14+ girls in the Sussex area. It is on its 2nd year and is supported by basketballSUSSEX aswell as many other basketball groups in Sussex.







The CBI is involved with a number of schools accross the county to deliver female only sport leader basketball programmes. Our area is designated to Central Sussex and East Sussex. The programme involves delivering a Sports Leaders course to a group of 14+ year old girls and empower them to deliver an event and further coaching to younger girls in their schools. New basketball leagues and tournaments have been created as a result.


This Girl Can basketball project is on its third year and getting bigger with more coaches and more schools taking part. 

The CBI will deliver This Girl Can basketball in


  • Ifield College (mid Sussex)

  • Oathall Academy (mid Sussex)

  • Beacon Academy (mid Sussex)

  • Thomas Bennett (mid Sussex)

  • Holy Trinity (mid Sussex)

  • Millais School(mid Sussex)

  • Worth School (mid Sussex)

  • Hailsham Community College (East Sussex)

  • Lewes Priory School (East Sussex)

  • Seaford Head Academy (East Sussex)

  • Causeway School (East Sussex)


CBI Satellite Clubs

The CBI is proud and passionate about its involvement with local schools. We are now on a second year of a large Satellite clubs programme where we were able to design a smart structure including a pathway system for new players. Our aim is to create interest and encourage players towards regular sessions and competitive basketball. With a clear emphasis on young people, based in the poorest areas in the county, we were able to create an amazing level of interest in the last academic year. We worked with a number of local clubs and now look forward to 2016-17, where 5 new academies will open to offer regular basketball sessions across Sussex.










Existing Satellite Clubs:

  • Millais School (girls 14+)                                                        

  • Thomas Bennett (girls 14+)

  • Seaford Academy  (girls and boys 10+)  

  • Bexhill College  (girls and boys 10+) 

  • The Manor Road Gym  (girls)  

  • Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (boys 14+)

  • Lewes Priory (girls and boys)

  • St Wilfrids (girls 14+)

  • Bishop Bell Academy (now St Catherine's) (girls and boys 10+) 


New Academies coming up in 2016-17:

  • Bexhill College Academy (girls and boys 10+) 

  • Hastings Academy (girls and boys 10+) 

  • Hailsham Academy (girls and boys 10+) 

  • Beacon Academy (girls and boys 10+) 

  • Seaford Academy (girls and boys 10+) 

  • Lewes Academy (girls and boys 10+) 

New Academies in 2017-18:

  • Ifield Community College Boys (16+)

  • Ifield Community College Girls (11-15)

  • East Brighton (14+)

For more information about the CBIs Satellite Clubs contact


South East Tigers and CBI Ball for life Charity basketball events

Once a year, the South East Tigers basketball Club and the CBI work in partnership to organise a mens basketball tournament with the aim of raising a maximum amount for a local charity. This year we were proud to raise over 700 to the more than worth "Help Leo to walk". A local charity to support Leo (a 3 year old with a rare form of cerebral palsy) and his family towards a costly operation only available in the United States. Please click on the logo below for a link to learn more and get involved:







Other charity and community efforts the CBI is involved with
World Club Basketball tournament
South East Tigers Camps
East Brighton get into basketball programme
Free Basketballs for Sierra Leone
SUSSEX College 3 on 3 tournaments

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