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MANOR 4v4MVP Summer Tournaments

Come as an individual or as a team. Get plenty of playing time. Compete for MVP prize.  

MANOR 4v4MVP Summer Tournament dates and times:

In 2018 All tournaments are scheduled to start at 1pm and run until 4pm. Please arrive early to start the first game at 10pm.

2018 Summer Tournaments

Men: Jul 29th , Aug 5th, Sep 2nd 2018

MANOR 4v4MVP Tournaments Registration and Payment:

£7 per player. Maximum 30 participants allowed per tournament.

You can pay cash on the day or by bank transfer. All players must however complete the registration form below (scroll down and click on "register now").

Please complete bank transfers to the account details below if you are not paying cash on the day. Please arrive by 9h40am to make payment and get ready to start by 10am.

Payment account details:

Bank Name: Barclays

Account Name: Community Basketball Initiative

Account Number: 23171205

Sort Code: 20 12 80

(This is a non-profit community account)

On bank transfers please add a Reference/Description: MANOR4v4 followed by participant's family name + first letter of first name. I.e. If the participant is called Jack Smith, the reference would be: "MANOR4v4SmithJ"

MANOR 4v4MVP Tournament Rules

  • The tournaments will be played in a round robin fashion.

  • All teams will play against each other at least once.

  • Each team will play a minimum of 5 and maximum of 6 games.

  • Games will be 7 minutes running clock.

  • One referee per game.

  • Free throws will be in action. Only one free throw allowed for a value of 1 point or 2 points.

  • Team foul shots in action from 4th team foul onward.

  • Ball is out of bounds if the body or the ball touch the wall, bench or ceiling.

  • We will enforce the new FIBA travel rule. 

  • Baskets are worth 2 points inside the arc or 3 points from outside (attention low ceiling).

  • Technical fouls will carry on game after game. 2 Technical fouls means not allowed to play for 2 entire games (end of the game where the technical foul happened and the following two games). 

  • You are required to understand the fixture list and be ready with your team 1 minute before the end of the previous game.


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Free basketball
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